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its 9053 not 9035 i kno haha
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hey guys

Originally Posted by m2g4b View Post
hey there, i am looking at this helicopter as well, over the seems so new that there are not alot of reviews or parts out yet.....the only ones i have found are on ebay....and there seems to be more and more coming around on there...

so how do you like it and did you compare it to the 9053 before purchasing it?
from lookin at with my 9053 and this 9101 is almost the same heli...SAME EXACT FRAME LOL (just painted black) THEY MUST OF SEEN HOW GOOD MINE LOOKED...i c a few minor different things like...the lading bars looks diff. the canopy is def diff. the rear tail wing is choppeed off so the rear blades can be (upgraded larger) and its shape is diff. they may of shortend the length of this heli by lowering that rear tail. MY 9053 IS 27inches. stock...they could if Syma hadnt already made the 9101 about 25inches....but i c that Syma did NOT fix the lower blade to where the seperation between the A-blade and B-blade r farther apart...(us 9053 guys just flipped the bottom blade grips) to increase blade strike. BUT from what i can c just by lookin at Pics EVERYTHING ELSE IS THE SAME...o wait...under the description on the the 9101 says"-Advanced intelligent balance system and-New digital full 3 Channel control remotely-Full function: up/down, forward/backward, turning left and right, fixed-point hovering...SO I WOULD DEFINITLEY GET THIS NEW 9101 FOR SURE! IF U CAN FIND ONE IN STOCK!

Hope this helps.
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