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Thanks for pics tom...I was wondering why my cam didnt record as good as everyone elses...I was getting very grainy videos...I tried to refocus and it didnt get better...then I noticed the pics on chucks can see what Im talking about here look at the battery wires compared to yours...I think I got a reject camera that was fixed and sent out...

Looking at the auto plug pic I posted my fingers are on the cable end going to comes apart ez if you hold the cable and pull one side at dont snap together it kinda pushes together....the silver ring at front dont come off but I got it opened enought to slide out circuit board...

I did try auto plug on old #3 cam to see what happens and that was a bad idea...the cam didnt light up at all...after unplugging it still no lights...a few minutes later the cam did work again but I wont do that again...LOL
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