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Originally Posted by wayback View Post
...But I don't see anything suggesting that any USB intelligence is there. So if this charger is special in some way, it would have to be in the way the data pins are connected.

Has anyone succeeded in charging an HD using a dumb wall wort USB charger?
This was just recently mentioned about a dozen posts back, and why I asked about the other wires just a couple posts back!

It has already been mentioned by a user in a prior post that a generic wall wart USB charger will NOT charge this camera. I just tried it, and the red LED does not light which is the normal charging indicator. Does that mean that it really is NOT charging, or does it just mean the dedicated charger is not connected, making you THINK it is not charging? I haven't done any tests to confirm either way, but I did plug in my smart wall wart USB charger that came with my JAZZ HDV178 camera, and it DOES light the LED, which goes out after a while indicating it did put in a charge, I guess. Some tests with a dead battery would be needed to tell for sure what's going on.
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