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Originally Posted by russ_hillis View Post
I ain't gonna ask how to trash a 777, but I'm sure I've got more than 7 ways to crash a super cub, let's see here...

1. Day one, June 21, 2010 - take plane out of town. Apply full throttle launch - pull back LOOOOP into slough (aka pond) run out and retrieve. NB. That would the SC 1st successful water landing. Not successful you say? Read #2 and remember any landing you can walk away from is successful!
2. Day one, apply full throttle, launch make circle DIVE into ground watch explosion of plastic cowl pieces.
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as necessary until I realize that I really need to get a sim, SOON!
4. Master sim, get permission to mow grass @ RC airfield and fly plane @ newly re-opened club field. North side of runway bordered by bovine protection device. Fly into bovine protection device, not once but 2x in one day. Realize that eyes ain't nearly as good as I think they are! Plane still flies, fuselage only bent "a little".
5. Thinking I've mastered the monster, famed local RC guy happens to "catch me" at reopened airfield. In my nervousness I completely forget what I've learned. Super Cub kamikaze's power pole on other side of water reservoir. 1st words out locally famous RC guy... looks like we have to go get your plane. Planes only 300 yds away but it's a 1 mile drive to get it back. He's jovial 'cause he's found a new flying buddy! Me, not so much. Miraculously, power pole landing is "successful" and we make one more flight that evening!
6. Getting practiced up on touch & goes, take plane to friends acreage to show off. Decide to practice touch & goes on awesome super long & straight runway in front of house. Make approach, miss runway, hit throttle to abort and the SC has "so much power" it turns right and flies in bush beside house. 1st successful tree landing.
7. Buy floats, replace receiver after the smoke mysteriously escapes while super cub doing the back stroke.

Well okay, 7 it is...
This can be fun, each of us adding to this list of screwed up ways to kill a cub.

8. mid air collison with a multiplex
9. slam into a billboard at 60mph
10.install gws floats, watch as plane does great imitation of submarine doing crash dive
11.Let tx battery die, watch helplessly as plane fly's off to god knows where
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