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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Yes, I agree a parameter file is the better soultion. This was apparent with the old 808 #3 firmware update process to erase the date stamp, which implied there could be a parameter file involved, although the one used in the firmware update process was blank and apparently not available to the end user. I'm not knowledgeable enough in that area to know any specifics. It may require a lot more work to implement than just producing the differential firmware updates. But it has been done, I think, for one of the old 808 versions. I'll suggest this as a better solution to My HD Key Cam Guy, who seems eager to have the flexibility and features we want to see.
Different firmware versions is a quick-and-dirty solution. A parameter file, or even a USB configuration program, is the solution any serious programmer should have used. Since the original designers didn't think about using a parameter file, or maybe were too lazy to implement one, they now have more work to do. It is no great deal for a programmer to implement a parameter file as long as he/she understands the software code - recording the data is MUCH more complicated.

The parameters (just a few bytes) must be saved to the non volatile memory which is the SPI chip (the one with the 8 legs) in this case. If the processor has some non volatile memory, this could also be used. The parameters MUST be saved to non volatile memory - please make sure that your contact guy understands this. Failing to do so will result in loss of parameters if the battery is disconnected.

The #3 SPI memory is split into two parts, the boot code and the firmware. I assume that the #11 has the same mapping.

I don't know if space has been reserved for parameters in the non volatile memory. If no space as been reserved for parameters, this is a VERY BAD design, and making a universal firmware could become a bit more tricky....
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