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Originally Posted by Prof100 View Post

I love your thoroughness. So, does it appear as though clockwise or counter clockwise was the right way to go to dial in your focus for Aerial video? I tried 1/4 clockwise and it was lousy. Then 1/8 turn CW and didn't like it so I reset it to original.

Also, I noted the camera guts is one tight fit in the case. It took multiple attempts to tediously place the innards in the right location so the lens was positioned correctly and case closed up tightly without forcing the screws to close it again. I did NOT have that problem with the two Basic V3 key cams.

Thanks, Bill. When I started the focusing efforts via just the webcam visual, I marked my lens position on one of the knurled barrel ridges, not really paying attention or caring where I marked the starting location. Through numerous efforts to turn the lens with tweezers, trying to figure out if each movement improved things or made it worse, and having the tweezer grips slip off over and over, my original mark on the lens barrel got virtually erased! There is one tiny spec of paint left, but I'm not sure if it is from the right or left side of my original line. When I went to the AviDemux video method I painted a new line as noted in the valley notch so it can be rubbed off. I think my final position may be a 1/4 notch CW from where my original line was as when received, but I can't be sure. It's about 1/4 turn CCW from my second marker line if that makes any sense.

In any event, I think there's no right or wrong direction to try to focus better. But if the normal position were always slightly towards the near field as the old 808 cameras seemed to be, then clockwise rotation (moving the lens closer to the CMOS sensor) would generally move the focal point further out as we've discussed before. Your smallest test rotation of 1/8 turn was equal to 45 deg. My "one notch" initial turn was only 30 deg., with each 1/4 notch fine tuning increment being only 7-8 deg. So you may have over shot the decent focus range on both far and near sides with your larger rotations, making both look much worse. If you try it again, use the "one notch" or smaller increments.

I haven't put my case back on yet, waiting for that sunny day final test, but I think the larger capacity battery is the main reason for the new tighter fit.
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