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Tony, with the canard layout you're looking at, there really is no good solution that avoids significant compromises.

Yes, a pusher arrangement causes significant efficiency losses for the prop, among other things, such as vibration, vibrational stresses, higher and more annoying noise, safety issues on launch, etc..

Yes, a tractor prop on the nose, right in front of the canard, can cause static and dynamic stability problems in both pitch and yaw. In addition, it makes it nearly impossible to make the canard stall before the wing at all flght conditions and power settings.

In addition, your swept wing and canard certainly look very cool, but the sweep is unnecessary at the speeds this aircraft will be flying, and creates other problems of its own.

Of course, anything will fly if you put a big enough motor on it.

No matter what you do, there are problems, probably significant ones. However, I do think your plane looks really cool.
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