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Originally Posted by Xextriz View Post
All the servos are plugged in to the right place, yes. Throttle up, throttle down, all the servos move the same up and down together and pitch seems to be consistent. I tried loosening the linkage arms, all 3 equally, that connect the swashplate to the rotor blades paddle. What that did was change the direction it wanted to fly when I pressed left down up or right. But the only problem with that, was the little plastic black thing that holds the top of the swashplate from spinning, it was not at a 90 degree angle when the blades were at 50% pitch. I believe that when the blades are at 50%, flat, no lift or anything, the servo arms and linkage and the plastic black thing should all be at a 90 degree angle as well as the swashplate being flat parallel to the helicopter correct?
do the phase test: put any blade line up with tail boom & give ELEV/AIL input, blade must be not changing pitch, repeat with all blades.If there's movement on blade then phasing is incorrect, may be antirotation kit (plastic black thing) has problem.
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