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Originally Posted by tracknoob View Post

Lipo fires are no fun, even for a battery as small as the mCX's.

As well-engineered, but minimal as this heli already is, I would not be for chopping out ANY bracing or support on it, anywhere. On the huge metal helis, sure they do have extra junk, and might be hugely overbuilt, but this thing is already so 'optimized' and light, that I would not want to remove any part that might be needed to contribute to structural integrity.

Again the grommet-on-the-pin fix seems to me to be a pretty darn good fix, and with minimal downside - the slight possibility of losing your skids, only if they are too loose and you also fail to put some adhesive on them.
Its not like you would be getting rid of it completely. Your only removing a small portion so it doesn't rub. Now, really think about what you just said. The heli is already optimized and yet your going to EXTEND the landing gear (making it easier for the landing gear to fall out) and add more weight with the grommets and glue if you decide to now glue your skids back in (which I advise against). Versus removing a very small portion of plastic. Yeah, and which do you think would effect the helicopter more?
Like I said, to each their own, but removing a small portion of plastic is just as good as the other option with less time and hassle and worry if your landing gear is going to come out. But hey, they both work.
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