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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
An update on this... I got some feedback from my "HD camera guy" asking for some clarification before they went ahead with another firmware offereing to allow continuous recording. In the communication (difficult in both directions), it was mentioned about having a "fully charged battery or possibly lose some file".

I had assumed (really bad idea, I know), that when the battery voltage got dangerously low, the camera could sense that, stop recording, and save the file. That may have been a bad assumption! I am doing a test right now with a partly discharged battery to see what happens to a file when the battery gets low. If the file is totally lost lost, I would not want to risk that. And knowing how many of the old 808 cameras had problems with the battery not lasting very long, the 20 min stop/save/continue sequence is not so bad after all.

I know there are one or two people working on an external power source for the camera, and perhaps they would still like to have a continuous recording option? If so, please respond to this post and I'll advise my contact accordingly.
Tom, for me, I need an external USB battery power supply with which I can record +6 hours continuous video. Since there is always the possibility of the USB being disconnected, I don't want to lose all my data, so I prefer 20 min stop/save/continue any day (as I stated in a previous post).

Will the internal battery (if partly charged) take over if I disconnect the USB while recording? What happens if I reconnect the USB after a few seconds? I am hoping that the camera continues recording without interruption, and will continue until the card is full. If this is not the case, then this is a BUG, IMO.

Now about your firmware idea. Its a bad idea How is the manufacturer expected to supply and keep synchronized 4 different firmware versions?
(timestamp on + split files, timestamp on + big file, timestamp off + split files, timestamp off + big file).
Also, there is always an element of danger when updating firmware. I hold my breath every time I have to update my motherboard, video, router, telephone etc.

There is only one clean solution, and that is a parameter file similar to that used for setting the time. If the camera has been designed with too little internal memory, then it most probably won't be possible to use a parameter file.

My suggestion for your "HD camera guy": (to replace the current date file - forgot the name)
File name: Params.txt
File Contents (// is comments, should be ignored by firmware so that we can have a documented parameter file):
Date: 20110112 // YYYYMMDD
Time: 150549 // HHMMSS
DateFormat: DD.MM.YYYY // or any combination, e.g. MM/DD/YYYY, MM/DD/YY, DD-MM-YYYY, etc.
TimeFormat: 24 // or 12 (with AM/PM)
Timestamp: OFF // or ON
Split: Y // or N

This is similar to a suggestion that I believe you made yourself and is similar to the (old) DOS/Windows ini files.
The order should not be important and using parameter names makes the file flexible if other parameters are added at a later date. The file should be automatically deleted once the parameters have been set.

Any serious firmware programmer should have used a configuration file from the start, but I doubt that the programmers have a clue what end users want or may want, which is a pity. Maybe through you, we have at last a chance of telling the manufacturer what WE want.

Keep up the good work, and maybe you will go down in Keychain history
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