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Thanks for those who provided feedback on the close/continue recording function. Valid points. I'm not a .MOV fan to begin with, so never dug into it's file structure. But it seems strange that it does not leave enough room for updating it's header without shifting the entire data space if files get large. Oh well... don't want to get into that any further.

I got feedback from my vendor "camera guy" that they can modify the camera firmware for continuous recording if there is a demand for it. He also made a similar case (having something rather than nothing) against doing it.

Since we already have a pair of firmware patches that toggle the date on/off while keeping the close/continue ON I asked if they can provide a new pair of firmware files that toggle the date on/off while keeping the close/continue function OFF. That way a user can pick his preferred flavor, and toggle back if his taste changes Something for every one!
An update on this... I got some feedback from my "HD camera guy" asking for some clarification before they went ahead with another firmware offereing to allow continuous recording. In the communication (difficult in both directions), it was mentioned about having a "fully charged battery or possibly lose some file".

I had assumed (really bad idea, I know), that when the battery voltage got dangerously low, the camera could sense that, stop recording, and save the file. That may have been a bad assumption! I am doing a test right now with a partly discharged battery to see what happens to a file when the battery gets low. If the file is totally lost lost, I would not want to risk that. And knowing how many of the old 808 cameras had problems with the battery not lasting very long, the 20 min stop/save/continue sequence is not so bad after all.

I know there are one or two people working on an external power source for the camera, and perhaps they would still like to have a continuous recording option? If so, please respond to this post and I'll advise my contact accordingly.
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