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Originally Posted by MSelig View Post
Helis -- It's clear that we don't toot our horn about heli physics. I think the heli physics are very good, but like anything (any sim for that matter) things can always be improved. With helis, I think there is a strong preference to have them fly 'on the rails' in flight simulators. Real helis don't fly like that. We don't have them 'on the rails' plain and simple.
I'm not sure what that means "on rails". I have a "REAL" T-Rex SE V2 clone that I can hover pretty well in 3 orientations & even scoot it around a bit. However, I can barely hover it in FSOne V1.1. If that's on rails I'd like to remove them!

Scott - yes, sir I tried all those changes & it was still pretty uncontrollable. I have since learned a lot about setting up expo & travel & have been messing with those. It's better but still not EVEN close to the real thing.

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