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could not resist an examination and bench test.

First disassembled it.
Soldering looks good and clean, no freebees (loose solder balls) on the PCB. The 47uF capacitor is rated at 10V, so it will indeed run at 9V without problems.
There are 2 chips on a single thin PCB. I assume the sensor and the other must be a Ucontroller. Some other parts for voltage regulation and 2 leds.

I put a few dabs of hot glue to secure the board in its casing. It was fit in much better than the 401 clones were, but i just want to make sure ther is no lateral play.

Then the setup.
-Servo pulse with selection:
While initializing i had to switch rate/HH 3 times, but i found out the Gyro was ready before my Rx was bound to the Tx. I just plugged the gyro in the active Tx and i could enter setup that way.

After that the rest of a setup was easy. Setting the endpoints is very accurate as it moves slowly with small increments.

I put on my digital Emax 9257.
The gyro seems to react very fast, and a jerk on the tail will make the servo overshoot very briefly. i think this is intentional to give a burst of reversed thrust to stabilize the tail. This makes the gyro feel much more aggressively/competent towards its target of holding the tail in odd maneuvers, compared to the 401B that just moves linear.

We'll have to see what will happen in flight.

Im getting really exited.
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