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been wanting conceal carry permit for while laws here are harsh
i was able to get license to carry when i worked for my father and my favorite handgun is the s&w .32 snub with either hammer shroud or hamer-less versions
they conceal well and do the job handguns are designed for much better than a 9mm (not very accurate but what do you expect its a 2 inch barrel)

favorite target rifle is my 87d stevens (.22 is cheap ammmo)
favorite varmint is anything in .17hmr with a bipod (i have 3)

best gun if you only plan on buying one is the us survivalist scouts backpack .22 it breaks down and minus scope fits in its own stock is very light and great for camping and targets but better for actual survival use as in backpacking in woods and such

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I use rc to a substitute to shooting.

The m1 is my fav for old war guns.
The ar-10 chambered in .300 SAUM is my fav modern war guns; currently working on my 1300 yard groups.
1911 and ruger 678 gc are a toss up for fav auto hand gun.

I just love guns and airplanes.
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