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Perdu Tony
canard area: 16.5% of the main wing
sections: I thinking about a modified S3016 for the main wing and S3021 for the canard.
decalage: 2.5 to 3 degrees?
elevator or all moving canard? If elevator what percentage?
That is a pretty design, Tony. I feel sure that it will fly well. I would let the main wing's airfoil be parallel to the thrust line and add about one degree positive to the canard angle of attack. My Delta Duck had about two degrees up front and wanted to climb too fast. A degree or two of down thrust would probably be good. Nickchud has had experience with the canard sweep angle on his Starship and may offer suggestions on his preferred angle. The elevator at 25 to 30% of the canard chord would be my preference. Your wing design looks good. I was thinking of adding some similar tips sections on a future Delta after hearing Nick's views in December. Some day we will have a perfect canard design. I was recently impressed with Hobby Lobby's Eurofighter at our club field. Please Show your progress along the way.
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