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How to charge 1S from Thunder AC6?

So I have a Parkzone Ultra Micro P-51D, and plan to buy the T-28 as they are very fun, but the Parkzone charger is BALLS and wrecks my 1S parkzone and Eflite lipos in no time. I suspect these AA battery chargers charge these guys to quick, to much amps. (and why would I want to charge off AA batteries anyway?)
I have a Thunder AC6 Dual Power charger for my larger birds that says it charges 1-6 cell lipos, but the charger leads only have ports for 2-6 cell (JST-HX?) and I have an EC3 banana plug that needs to be there for the larger lipo packs.
Went shopping today on Hobby King for all kinds of tid-bits today and grabbed this thinking I could Jerry-rig something for my 1S batteries to be charged using the AC6 charger. Also grabbed a handfull of Turnigy 1S batteries ($0.99 each!).

1x #MINIJST-EXT5/9727 Mini Plug Extention for Micro Battery 10cm (5pcs/bag) = $1.99

1x #PICMX6/10621 2 Pin JST plug with 6 x Pico plug charging harness = $1.59

I figure I might have to hack these up a bit to make them work, but maybe not.
Anyone have any set-ups they use to get away from these awful little chargers that parkzone throws at us for the ultra micros? They kill batteries and I have a decent computer lipo charger that should do the job with the right connections.
One thing with the Thunder AC6 charger is that it only charges multi cell lipos with the balancing port and the power lead plugged in, so I'm not sure how it will react to a 1S lipo that only has the one connection. I may end up needing a new charger for just 1S application, but hopefully not.
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