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ok, heres the pics im using little dabs of jb weld to hold the extension to the motor shaft. then, bolt the motor to the adapter, (you provide the fastners) bolt the assembly to the fan(using 6/32 screws) then, use rotor adapter of choice, im using my friends 6mm alum adapter. it comes with 2 really deep set screws, so you can really get a good bite. then, attach rotor the turbax rotor fits tightly with this adapter. you provide the washer. i used one from a e turbax, but most prop adapter washers will work. runs super true tomorrow after the jb weld cures over night, ill give her a run up to test eflux. my watt meter took a i wont be able to get any numbers till i get a new one, but i can get some eflux numbers. we already know what the motor does on 12s through lees testing, using the motor extension shouldnt change that.

also....a pic of a new possible idea....toss one of the 1100 motors on a midi fan eh? hmm......

i recomend using a flat spot on the shaft for the set screw on the intermediate shaft. the turnigy motor has a real nice one. if your motor doesnt have one, id add a small one. also, if you dont use jb weld on the intermediate shaft, i recomend using red locktite.
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