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Wire goggles with lenses

Here's my "MacGuyver" goggles, made from a paperclip, white glue, and piece of clear packing tape. First, I folded a piece of paper in half and drew one goggle along the fold line, then cut it out and unfolded it to give me a symmetrical pattern. Next I bent a paperclip to carefully follow the shape of my pattern -- joining at the nose. A pair of small round-nose pliers makes the job pretty easy. Once the flat pattern is done, I hold the middle of the goggles with a pair of needle-nose and bent the temples back to follow the curve of the head. Using a small bead of white glue, I "caulk" the goggles to the face of the pilot. Use a toothpick to push the glue around if it smears. After the goggles are tacked in place, carefully caulk in some more glue until the goggles are fully sealed against the face. It may take 2-3 passes to get a full seal. The glue dries clear, so don't worry too much about small imperfections. Once the frames are securely glued and dried, cut a strip of clear packing tape an lay it over the frames... you may have to pre-cut a slot for the nose so the tape will lay flat on the frames. Use a sharp Xacto knife to trim away the excess. Viola' - realistic goggles with lenses.
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