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OK, I tried your suggestion and was able to revive the camera!

- I put the "ON" firmware (FW96630A.bin) on the card and pressed the ON-button. After 10 LONG seconds the yellow light came on and the camera was ready for shooting video.
- Removed the firmware file from the card and tried again. No response after several minutes. Looks like the camera now need to load firmaware from the card - perhaps not enough capacity on the IC Tom talks about in post #16.
- Now I tried the "OFF" firmware. To my surprise, this time the yellow light came on after 10 seconds again. Test movie showed no date stamp . The first time I tried this (when I thought I had bricked the camera) I probably did not wait long enough.

I have a "semi" working camera which depends on the fimware loaded on the SD card. To make it fully working I need a new IC as described in post #16, but I don't think I am able to change it myself.
I guess I shall ask for a new camera, in the mean time the old one is OK - it only takes 10 seconds to start it..

Awaiting email from internet-shop365.......

Thank you deepinside for your response and Tom Frank for the IC information..


Originally Posted by deepinside View Post
Do you still get the red LED to show up? Like when you charge it via USB?
If so, theres a chance to turn it on again by loading the "Date On" bin-file back in the cam like i described above.
Worth a try before you send it back.
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