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I had it coming - bricked my camera!

As one of the first to receive this 808HD camera, and after all the warnings, I should probably not have done this. But encouraged by some of you who had success removing the date stamp I just HAD to try it. My camera was ordered Dec. 8th 2010 from internet-shop365. He (she?) has been very helpful and responded very quickly to my emails - he also sent me the timeset.txt file and the firmware file (with warnings!) early on.

At first I thought I had success also.
After I had copied the firmware file to the SD card and turned on camera, the yellow light came on (after some seconds), and I made a short test video. BEFORE turning off the camera I connected it to the PC to have a look at the video file. I was very pleased to see the date stamp had disappeared!
Disconnected the PC, turned off and then on camera again - then I realized I had forgotten to delete the firmware file. The firmware loaded like first time (took some seconds again), and I was able to connect to the PC and delete the firmware file.
Now the problems started. Disconnected the PC, turned off camera and tried to turn it on again. No go! Dead. Bricked!

Just for fun I copied the firmware file back to the SD card (by means of a #3 camera) and tried again to turn on the 808HD camera. NO.

I shall try to contact my vendor and ask him about a replacement, but shipping to China from Norway may be quite expensive - hope he will trust me.. Oh well.

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