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4-channel's unfortunate "exhumation"?

Originally Posted by skibandit View Post
This is why I don't even bother with saving a few bucks. The product usually sits in China's shipyard or the airport for days untill its cleared to for delivery. I don't mind paying an extra few bucks to buy locally and delivered with 5 days. I am very impatient.
Hear, hear. Instant gratification is worth good dollars. I bet if I start a site where ALL orders are shipped 2-day, regardless of cost, it would be swamped in Desk Jockeys constantly. Beemer-Boys love toys, and will pay 3x to HAVE it ASAP.

Much experience here, most of my own business involved "must have it NOW" spoiled types, who unfortunately, could actually pay me to hurry (I'm LAZY at heart, folks), and then pay MORE to have "IPS" get it there pronto.

Well, it does appear that OTHER copter sellers are indeed low on product Xheli was just before Christmas (just how many ExecuDollars were missed out on? Kudos to them for NOT taking Back-orders to capture the revenue, but still, they seemed to be getting low on the "just-in-time" or "Kanban" here, considering their assumed Purchasing Power, IMHO). And yet, new models are arriving!

I'm intrigued by stuff like the Double Horse 9100. at first glance, it's a hodge-podge. But I can see that the tooling used mimics that of more "mainstream" 4-channel helicopter designs, and to me, this means lower overall cost to produce.

As far as I know, the DHoax 9100 is the first 3-channel with:
A single lifting motor.
A gear-drive prop controlling yaw.
A non-coaxial layout.
F/R gyro (assumed).
A swashplate.
A servo.
Composite, TVP (twin vertical plate) chassis.
An all-metal flybar.
More than one trimmer (also assumed).

That's all stuff from a bigger's copter's gravesite, kids.

I noticed the listings for this model invariably include "PACKING Per Unit Dimension :64 x 12 x 23cm Gross Weight : 1,400g Per CTN (8 Units) "

My assumption (getting them in today, huh?) is that no sellers, save for a precious few, actually have stock in to pass on to customers.

Will I be the first in North America to be able to photograph one, as I was (happily) with the BLUE "S107's"?

Do you support RCG? I mean, Really Support RCG?
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