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Originally Posted by diceco View Post
I'm tying to develop a helicopter setup for the T-Rex 450. I'd like to use FSOne to do this and get a leg up on the setup for the real model. I need the interface to FSOne to accept raw input from my Tx and do NO mixing, flight modes, dual rates, expos, travel volumes, endpoints etc. etc. in it's software. I want to program all that information in my Tx and have FSOne just fly the heli with what the output of my Tx is commanding.

I've attempted to do this by customizing a Tx and eliminating all the "soft" mixes, flight modes, etc. but have not been entirely successful.

Does anyone know how I might accomplish this?

Thanks, diceco
I'm not sure if what you are trying to achieve is actually possible. Set up for a real heli will be nothing like a set up in FSOnes' TRex450. I think the main reasons for this have to do with the programing of the heli itself and if the helicopter can perform "as the real thing" without the various inputs designed into the transmitter programming. I have tried to do as you outlined above and was able to control the heli with only transmitter inputs, however it flew poorly and wasn't an example of a "real setup".
Okay, 'nough with the negative stuff.
Have you found these mods that I posted some time ago?
Some of the mods are heli specific and some transmitter. If you have already synthesized these mods already and are still having problems, post your specific changes and I'll hunt for what you have missed. I love a good challenge.
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