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Originally Posted by Del-Dredd View Post
Not sure why you should need to upgrade the electronics, will test it when mine gets here.
Merlin kit costs 60 stirling here in UK, which is a lot more expensive and unlike the Kinetic is just the unbuilt airframe, and if you want to pay over the odds for the Multiplex powerset another 80.
Thats 140 without receiver or servos which is a bit over the top considering the size of it.
Have a quick look in the HK RTF threads, let me just point out that 'underpowered' is not an uncommon word... which very often leads to words like "new", "motor", "upgrade"... but the Kinetic might be different, who knows, but based on historical data, the outlook is slim. Secondly, these RTF HK kits often come with the cheapest servos imaginable. Not directly dangerous with a light sailplane like the Merlin - ooops, Kinetic that is.., but still annoying having a crash, missing out on a perfect flying day.

You can snarf a Merlin kit from for 53 - with free EU shipping if you top the basket to 90. The MPX power train is good quality, but the price is unfortunately also high quality, hence I'd get the Merlin kit, and load it with a 30g motor (like the Himax, unlike the stock 21g Kinetic which might possible burn like the stock Swift motor...) and some decent (but still inexpensive) servos from HK.

Don't know how much you have to pay in fees in the UK for importing stuff (I mean custom fees, besides VAT), but in Denmark the Merlin + HK guts would work out cheaper, since servos and motors can be ordered in small packets below the 11 limit.

If HK decides to stock it in the EU warehouse, the price equation will tip to the Kinetic, but then the servos and motor will probably be inadequate, and the product would still be an unashamed knock-off... Who's gonna make the models HK is going to copy when Multiplex, Graupner, Kyosho, E-Flite are all gone?

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