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To get into webcam mode:
  • Turn off the camera, then plug in USB.
  • The red LED will show that it's charging.
  • Hold down the shutter button (small one all the way to the front), and while holding it, hold down the power button (larger one right behind the shutter button).
  • The LED will blink then flash a couple times, and you'll hear the tone in Windows when it connects. You can release the buttons when the LED is solid yellow.
  • The yellow LED will stay on. It should now show up as a webcam, and Windows will probably install the drivers for it if this is the first time you've used it on that PC as a webcam.
  • You can use AmCap, or just about any other program meant to use a webcam to view the video stream from it.

Notes from Tom:

Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
There might be a couple clarifications needed? If the battery is fully charged when this is done, the red LED will blink once when plugged into the USB port, then quickly goes out. If YOU blink, you will miss it and may get confused waiting for it to come on. Also, sometimes there is a slight delay after toggling the web cam mode before the camera is recognized by the computer, even after the first time when the drivers are loaded for the first time. There is no pop-up message about drivers being loaded... the camera just isn't recognized immediately, and the video capture program will not see it as being available.

I've run into this several times now going through many iterations of lens focusing.
I haven't really used the webcam feature much since focusing mine, so I haven't noticed these points... Thanks for the heads up!

Taking pictures and stills:
  • A quick press of the power button turns the camera on, and shortly after the LED lights it will blink once. It's in movie mode, this is default when it's powered up.
  • A quick press of the small button will start recording a movie, the LED will flash a few times then go dark while it records. Quick press the small button again, and it stops recording and the LED comes on again. It's still in movie mode, and you should be able to record another movie.
  • While it's in movie mode (and not recording), quick press the larger power button to switch to picture mode. It will blink the LED once to confirm that it changed modes. Now a quick press of the small button takes a picture, and the LED blinks once when it takes it. (I say blinks, it goes dark for about 1/2 a second)
  • You can now quick press the large button to go back to movie mode, or hold down the large button until the LED switches off the turn the camera off.
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