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Originally Posted by martin_ View Post
It looks more like a stripped servo when you try to lift-off and it want to tip over like that, if it was a linkage rod disconected you'd never been able to takeoff Imo.
I believe the link came off mid air. The point/time of failure is quite easy to seewhen viewing the video. I took the remains of the blades off when I got home and spun her up and the servos appear fully functional.

The excessive tip you see on lift off, is no differant than the stock heli's flight characteristics when I first purchased it. Taking off front the floor of a basket ball stadium is never good either as all vibration punches back into the RX and the lift off is messy. I need to buy a soft rubber mat for a landing and take off pad when flying at the BB stadium.

I could definatly hear a vibration as well which might have been messing with the RX on lift off. THe heli appeared to be tracking ok pryor to the crash.

Its a shame the video quality is not better as it would have offered some spectactular stills, or slow motion impact.

Originally Posted by Alwayscrash View Post
Oh boy! how many blades broken? that sound is scary!
All blades shattered right down to the blade grips. The surprising part was that the main gear, main shaft, and servo's survived the impact. The TREX250 yellow plastic really get the thumbs up from me as I think they saved the rotor head.

Broken Parts-

1x Link rod set
1x blade set
1x wash out
1x tail shaft

Oh well, in a few weeks she will be as good as new
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