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I thought about doing something similar a while back and so did others. I reckon the case forms a magnetic circuit with the elctromagnetic feild. I guess it holds some of the magnetism in, sort of compresses the feild so there is more energy to turn. I'm not for sure if this is really the right explanation but someone that has more knopwledge about the subject should chime in to explain in more detail. I am not sure how much of a performance loss you will see but it may not outweigh the weight loss from removing the can. I have run motors outside the can just to listen to them and was going to do some tests now that I have a multimeter that reads frequency, I can determine how much slower the motor runs outside the can. This is not meant to discourage you by all means throw a prop on there and see how much thrust you can get out of it. I'm interested in the results.

You have done a good job of putting that thing back together.
More progress than I made when I was dabling with it.
I just got around to taking a motor apart and putting the magnet in a clamp then touching 2 wires to the commutator to see if it sounded like it ran as good.

Nice job keep us updated.

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