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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post

A more positive test would be to shoot some video until the camera battery is discharged, erase and reinsert the flash card, then hook it up to the car charger cord and start shooting video again. If the camera records until the card is full, then as a minimum the camera is getting power from the charger and not the battery. If after the test you can erase the card, reinsert it, and shoot video with the camera disconnected from the charger cord, then the battery was also being charged while it was shooting video in the prior sequence.

Ideally both the red and yellow LEDs would light when shooting video when powered by the car charger, but it might not have been practical to do that with the circuit arrangement they have.
Okay, I got the answer to my question by following Tom's test procedure (sort of).

The answer is, the car charger does charge without the red light. It also charges when you turn the camera on and shoot video.

In other words, it does what the vendor sez, you just don't get a red light like when you hook up to the computer's usb port.

And yes, that is my final answer.

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