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Adrian's right, the lights last much longer facing inward, a LOT longer.

But as for pulling lights and swapping them from plane to plane, I much prefer spending an extra $20 and getting each plane it's own light scheme that I don't have to constantly be taping on and ripping off. With the swarm sales the lights have gotten so cheap, it's much easier to just do up each plane how you like it and then leave it. It's not like they add enough weight for it to be a weight problem. Heck, I used four full light strips on my little 36" wing, embedded them & covered it, and it still glides forever.

IMO, embedding with lights facing outward is the way to go for anything but combat planes. Yeah, the lights definitely take a beating when they're pointing outwards, but I still like it better because it looks way cooler and it's infinitely easier to tell top from bottom if you use completely different colors.

Of course, that only matters if you fly wildly like me. If you fly around straight and level, how you light it is irrelevant. Anybody can keep track of a plane flying level with even just a couple of LED's on it.

If you're spinning 5+ rotations per second, it really does matter... a lot.

I can't wait to get this lit-up Kunlun done. It's gonna be so stinkin' cool!
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