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Originally Posted by jetpackninja View Post
Dan, I haven't tried using the dremel on the foam but I can tell you that the soldering iron trick is about as easy and mess free as it gets. It's GOTTA be easier that channeling it out with a dremel Just peel back the laminate like you were planning to do anyway and use a couple 'o passes with the soldering iron along a straightedge. Doesn't get much easier.
We used a 5/32 wheel collar as a depth gauge along the straightedge. Another thing I did was turn the soldering iron tip so the not pointed side is sticking out to give a nice level cut at the bottom. The "extra" parts that come with a reaper motor have a collar included that just happens to be the exact right size to use as a stop on the iron as well...
My soldering iron is a point, not a chisel tip. I would have to make several passes with the iron.

It's probably a little easier with the iron, but not much. It's definitely cleaner with regards to the foam, but it's messier in other areas that I care more about. The melting foam smokes like crazy, and STINKS. Also, it will make a terrible mess to the tip of my iron that I like to keep really clean.

I have a sanding tool on the dremel that practically disintegrates the foam as I pass through. It's really easy to keep the depth even. The foam has a nice cut, similar to using a blade - not the hard black crusty edges you get when using an iron. The only down side to the dremel is you have a lot of foam dust. It goes pretty quick too. Not as fast as an iron, but fast enough for me.
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