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Lately I had been noticing my battery monitor would beep when flying when teh battery was still had a good charge. It would beep just once like when it is first plugged in. I suspected I was getting voltage glitches from an electrical connection somewhere. So tonight I am checking my blade tracking. I was holding the heli by the landing skids the way I normally do when spinning the blades up. I started to feel small static shocks every time my finger got close to one of the frame screws (one that screws into the motor mount). This happened whenever my hand was also in contact with the boom support front mounting screw. This also made the battery monitor beep every time it sparked. I have read about static discharge from belt driven tails. I can tell it really happens it was very repeatable. Even right after a spark discharges the charge builds so fast it will spark immediately again between those 2 points. I made a ground strap out of some copper solder braid and it fixed the problem.

It is pretty dry here right now and I am sure your local conditions will affect the degree you may see this problem.

Static Discharge from the tail is real!
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