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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
I have just received some preliminary information from my so far reliable contact for the sources of these cameras (see post #2). He told me he sells through 8 stores on eBay, not just the four vendors I had identified. But the important information is that a possible deal is in the offing with a large US vendor who wants to set up an arrangement with him to supply the HD key cams in exchange for exclusive distribution rights to sell them in the US. This would mean that he would no longer be able to sell them on eBay for shipment to US destinations. What would this mean for us in the U.S.? My guess is the price will go UP!

You may have a different view, but if you were waiting for prices to come down, here's what you can do in the interim. If you can pay via a Paypal transaction you can order direct from him via email at He can fulfill orders with a slight discount for now via direct selling. Or if you are not comfortable with that, the eBay stores can still sell as they now do to the US.

The US vendor exclusive sale arrangement is not finalized, and may never be. I'm just passing on information I was given, and maybe get you a slight discount on the camera for now.
I wish I would have thought to go direct. I've done that before for electronic equipment and it worked like a charm, saved about 20%. eBay is ridiculous with their fees. $40 is not that bad though... just wish the wait wasn't so long.

I wouldn't be too worried about the prices going UP any time soon. They are already 4x higher than the lower res cameras, and the lower res is really not that bad.

As soon as someone in the US gets an exclusive deal, and RAISES the price... someone else is going to realize there is money to be made and start offering a similar product for less.
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