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Originally Posted by wallaguest1 View Post
the 20 min stat/stop is needed to because FAT32 size limit is 4Gb, so i guess was much more easy to program a time limit than read the actual file size and close it before it reach 4 Gb,
its okey for me the 20 min limit, you can merge both videos with any simple video editor anyway,

i wonder how much time is lost between the close and continue instant.

the 640x480 at 60fps would be wonderful if it comes an option in the future

by the way, how it is the presentation of this new camera? same has the old version? cartoon black box?
The videos I've looked at shoot at a nominal 7000 kb/s = .875 MB/s = 1.05 GB in a 20 min. clip. And the battery life is only spec'd for up to 40 min. of recording. So at worst, it is borderline that even a measely 2GB flash card would be filled up if there were no stop and save function. If they felt it necessary to have that function, they could safely up it to at least 30 sec. if not eliminate it altogether. I don't know what happens with the recording as the battery life comes to an end. I also don't know how much time delay between the two clips, but with my luck it would occur right when something I really wanted to capture was going on. I have a couple planes than can fly for up to 30 min., and I like to capture the langings.

By the presentation I guess you mean the letterboxing that can occur if a 720x480 video is output in either standard 4:3 or 16:9 frame sizes? With most versions of the old 808 camera, the video is stretched horizontally to 720 pixels wide from a 640 pixel wide native image. That also ruined the aspect ratio making circles look like elipses. I always resized the image on mine during editing back to 640x480 and output in a 4:3 aspect ratio frame, so no black borders and no distortion. BUT, the HD key cam shoots a native 16:9 aspect video with square pixels, so there is no aspect ratio distortion AND no black bars if you output the video with a 16:9 aspect ratio frame size and view on your PC. When uploaded to some of the hosting sites, though, they might not use that aspect ratio, and the black bars re-appear.
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