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Originally Posted by micuyen View Post I said, I very new to this. I think I need to learn what is roll and pitch axis terminology. On the one with 3 knobs, when I start to take off, some time it goes side way and sometime it goes forward/backward so I use the those 3 knobs to trim depend on how it goes. The one on the right, I believed it adjust the swing, just like the 3ch model. The two on the left, use to adjust forward/backward/sideways. Oh, they have a mislabel or something on the 2 knobs on the left. I think they are reversed so watch out for this.

On the one with 1 knob, it take off smoothly and swing a little like the 3ch version so I just use that 1 knob to adjust it. It flies great after that. So, this version, maybe we don't need to do any adjust for pitch and roll...yes?

Got it, that's what I was thinking, that the version with only the yaw trim knob, the cyclic is already well adjusted with the mechanical linkages on the model itself, so it is already trimmed in roll/pitch, so no additional trimming is necessary at the TX. It's just nice to have the ability to trim all 4 axis on the TX, but may not be necessary with this model.

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