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Originally Posted by livonia bob View Post
I just glued a piece on 2mm foam over the whole battery ditch and slide the batteries in now. Keeps them warmer they don't fall off after a hard landing, looks better than a battery hanging out..Colored it with a orange Sharpie..
Bob, something that clicked after I typed my post, and kinda on your post.

I used to run a collision shop, and when we got sheet metal parts in, they had this foam to protect the corners from dings. We called it "Alien Foam", super tight composition, it's nearly indestructible if you hit it with something. But it can be cut with a saw leaving a smooth edge, sanded, drilled,and shaped, and it weighs next to nothing. Being the normal scrounge we are, I always grabbed the chunks.
They made great protectors for packs if they slid forward into firewall bolts.
Heck I even made a 5" spinner form out of a chunk of it by just gluing it to a lite ply backer and chucking it into a drill press. Couple minutes with some sandpaper and I had a cone.

But anyhow, soon as I posted the MCX idea, it hit me. A piece of this could be cut and hollowed out to make an adjustable battery holder that could be glued the the fuse.

Took all of about 5 minutes on the jig saw, and drilling three holes with a bit for the slot, nother minute with an Xacto to finish trimming the hole out.

BINGO! I made it short enough so that the pack sticks out on each end.
Let's me make CG adjustments with ease. And it holds as snug as you want it too. To remove the pack, just push on one end and then grab the other end and slip it out.
For cold weather just make it longer and don't cut through the whole way through. Instant battery insulation.

With the short set up, your pack can still get some airflow on it to keep it cool in the summer.

I've already pulled the velcro off my packs and and the Champ. And am getting ready to glue the block in place. Nother bonus on this foam is CA or Gorila Glue, or epoxy, or even GWS glue will bond it.

Check your local body shops, they toss it out with the boxes. And in some cases you can get really big chunks of it. My best was a 3"x4" 8 foot long piece.
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