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Aurora 9 - Screen Protector & Intermittent Screen Problems

Originally Posted by Rickochet View Post
There was some discussion in the big A9 thread about screen protectors. During the discussion someone suggested that the screen protector that came with the A9 was not meant to be left on. Is that correct? I have the protectors from RCSreen Protectors to replace it if necessary.
. Individual choice.

The screen protector as fitted on receipt of an Aurora, is to protect the screen during assembly and shipping.
Some users, myself included, leave the factory film on any model of TX as long as possible,
others remove the film for aesthetics/clearer screen or replace with a thicker aftermarket unit immediately.

09Jan11 added :
Known aftermarket screen protectors, there may be other suppliers.
. RC Screen Protectors
. Garrett H - Aurora 9 Screen Protectors - (included RC Groups thread on how to fit.)

02 Jul 2012 added:
. Problems with Intermittent Screen Changing or Cursor jumping?
"Firmware verson has no such effect.
It is possible if the screen protector has "crept" moved to one side and is putting pressure in
various spots or the screen has moved slightly and pressure is being put on screen by case. "

09 Sep 2012 added:
. Aurora 9 Touch Screen problems
"Possibly residual pressure on some point of the screen.
Is any screen protector still in place or bunching in any area thus putting additional pressure
on the screen which could try to activate an icon when pressure applied to one inline with the pressure point"
Also try loosening and re-tightening case screws in case Tx has been dropped and case sides/screen shifted.

1st Mar 2014 added:
. Aurora 9 - Monitor Icons Jitter [no Optima turned thus feedback is eliminated.
"So I finally got my radio back from the Hitec rep. Says that the only reason it's doing that is because of the sub-trims set too high. For example, my elevator sub-trim was at -50.
He said that when the sub-trim are out by so much the radio can have mental issues (my words, not his) and can even freeze up completely. "

see also:
. Aurora 9 - Screen Polarised Filter. View at angle when using Polaroid type sunglasses in bright sunlight .
. Aurora 9 - Screen Sensitivity & Recalibration - Pressure switches, not capacitive,
. use either Stylus provided or very tip of finger for best results.
. Aurora 9 - Screen Touchlock - Included upgrade from V1.05 to V1.06

In need, contact direct:
Hitec Warranty & Service
Note: Hitec USA only services North/South America and Canada. (- Closed Weekends)
If you are from a country that is outside North and South America, please contact the
Hitec distributor in your country for service.

ex Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Aurora 9, AFHSS Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

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