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Originally Posted by lostheli View Post
Ha, I figured you'd eventually try it. Nice drone, where can I get my hands on one of those? Answered this on my own, the MQ-9
I flew my hd cam in the wind this morning and had a lot of wavy jello footage. Do you just velcro mount your cam? Strap it down or what?
Yeah, I knew I'd try it too. It was just a matter of screwing up my courage abit. Kind of like when you perform surgery on a lipo pack to remove a bad cell, you kind of have to be in the right frame of mind and figure "what the hell, what's the worse that can happen, burn down the house or something?"

On my Radian, I just use velco only but I mount it about 6 inches out on the wing just forward of the high point so the camera is pointing at a downward angle. Plus, remember, the Radian is a powered sailplane so once at altitude I cut the throttle so there isn't any motor vibration at all.

Another good spot on the Radian is the obvious spot right behind the canopy on top of the fuse. You can point it fore,aft or sideways but once again, no motor = no jello.

On my Taylorcraft and Beaver I mount it at several different spots but always on a hard point (center sheeting, bulkhead, wing servo plywood cover etc.) and I try to mount it as solid as possible because I don't have the luxuary of throttle off so there is always some vibration.

I use blue painters tape to secure the camera to a solid spot.

On the 808HD videos taken with the Taylorcraft I tried a new mounting idea. I used a piece of triangular trailing edge stock mounted to the plywood aileron servo cover on the bottom of the wing to help angle the camera down. The problem has been that I prefer to mount my camera right side up but my camera buttons are so touchy that I had to just use velcro between the camera and the te stock so the camera hung rather loosely or it would shut off when snugged up tight. This has resulted in a lot of waviness in the vids using this mount. I am trying to come up with a better mount.

My blog has a video of the Beav (#3 non HD) and the way I mounted it straight to the bulkhead.

These HD cameras are really great, we just need a better way to mount because they seem to accentuate thewaviness.

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