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Hitec Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro FAQ - Setup and Additional Programming

Originally Posted by inferno6688 View Post
Hi guys,
I am currently setting up my first 6 channel plane (ie ail, ele, rud, thr, gear and flaps)
I am a little stuck as to the radio set up. It's a Hitec Eclipse 7. I fly MODE 1
Currently ch 5 is gear.
Channel 6 Left aileron Sevo
Channel 7 flaps? controlled by VR2 knob? is that right? but when i turn the knob i don't seem
to get full servo movement. it only moves 90 degreees? is that normal for a flap set up?
VR2 doen't seem like a very easy knob to use for flaps during flight. The instruction book says ch 6
is flap or left aileron. I prefer not to use a Y harness for the aileron, but am i better off using the
y harness and put Flap on ch 6 operated by VR1? seems to be the same as ch 7 for flaps to me.
Am i on the right track or am i totally confused with the set up?thanks guys.
Flaps default is set at typical 30% - those wanting more or less must visit the EPA menu
and increase/decrease % as desired.
Hitec Eclipse Manual

Programming Transmitters - avoid problems
EPA, ATV, Dual Rates & Expo Differences & Caution + ESC BEC Set Up.

The attached Hitec Eclipse 7 FAQ and Eclipse Helicopter Setup Chart may assist.

Eclipse 7 was issued in three firmware versions, to check:
. Hold down the two left buttons whilst switching on and scroll through to "Ver"
First is 10 = no QPCM, Second is 12 = + QPCM and Third still shows 12 = +QPCM & AILV.
AILV appears in setup menu and this version was primarily issued in countries outside of USA.
(a very few with AILV were sold in USA).
AILV is not covered in the Eclipse Manual or addendum, but a good explanation
"Ailevator Control Function and setup" is under page 22 of the Optic 6 Tutorial
. V 10 can be upgraded at service center to V 12, see attachments, but upgrade to V 12(1) not possible

PostScript: Hitec Eclipse Pro Car and additional links added:
. Hitec Eclipse Pro Car - 3ch 20 memory, Detail & Manual

. Hitec Eclipse 7 - Camera Pan function on rudder stick with Rudder On/Off for steering on ground.
(Includes simple DIY "how to" adjust VR2 knob for easier finger tip control)
. Hitec Eclipse 7 - Canard set up
. Hitec Eclipse 7 - DLG, Glider Launch and Reflex Presets with Camber Settings
. Hitec Eclipse 7 - Double or Triple Model memory
. Hitec Eclipse 7 - Flapperons and or Spoilerons
. Hitec Eclipse 7 - RES Setup
. Hitec Eclipse 7 & Pro - Throttle Trim & Throttle Cut setup
. Hitec Eclipse 7 & Pro - Timer
. Hiitec Eclipse 7 - Throttle <> Elevator Mix (read Eclipse in lieu of Optic 6)
. Hitec Eclipse 7 - Throttle <> Rudder Mix
. Hitec Eclipse 7 - Trims reversed.
. Hitec Eclipse 7, Optic 6 and Prism DIY Remote 2.4Ghz Antenna Mount

Convert PPM/QPCM units to 2.4GHz - with Telemetry.
Hitec AFHSS 2.4GHz Aircraft Receivers & Modules
. Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
Hitec AFHSS 2.4GHz Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers & Telemetry - FAQ & Undocumented Features
(Use I-phone or Android as a screen and/or HTS-Navi wireless to Laptop)

. Eclipse 7 - For Horizon BNF models use the Spektrum "Futaba" DSM2 module.
Lower Mast Spacer may be shortened to reduce height. Wrap with a piece of tape for a snug fit and easy removal.

. Eclipse 7 & 7 Pro - Tactic AnyLink Setup

Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro - Failsafe
Eclipse 7: refer attached .pdf "Addendum" and 2nd .jpg.
Eclipse 7 Pro: refer attached .jpg

Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro - Simulator Interface Function & Setup - Set-up

4. Do Not try running any type of transmitter off a wall charger, whilst using a simulator,
this as charger outputs half wave rectified, unregulated and unfiltered DC.
Transmitter cannot function correctly on other than a smooth fully regulated
battery type power source.
(Reason why transmitter charger jack is shut off when Eclipse 7 is turned on.
User will notice that if transmitter is turned on whilst charger is connected, the LED
on the charger goes out to indicate it is no longer charging,
unfortunately this is not automatic with a 7 Pro)

1. Eclipse 7 insert 6 pin DIN plug into Trainer socket and turn on transmittter.
2. Eclipse 7 Pro Insert Mono jackplug into the Trainer socket, do not turn on Tx.
Plug powers required circuitry only, not inbuilt module.
The Hitec Simulator Interface Plug is wired so as to prevent RF section powering up, thus providing
greatly extended battery life.
. Eclipse 7 Pro - Simulator Interface Cable & Wireless Simulator Interface

Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro Trainer requirements and setup.
. Eclipse 7 Pro as Master, Buddy or Slave


NEW Jan' 2012:

Hitec Eclipse 7 Pro 2.4Ghz (Released Jan2012).
. Improved with 16 model memory, Backlit screen, New rear sliders in lieu of the top rotary knobs
and more added features: -
- go to link & expand picture three times for enlarged easy to read details.

. Eclipse 7 Pro Manual (.pdf) .

. Eclipse 7 Pro Addendum (Corrections to Manual) .jpg attached below.
includes corrrections to
... Mode change 1<>2<>3 <> 4 additional to manual page 13.
... Receiver LBW adds to page 11.
... Helicopter Flight Trimming Chart.
... Table of Contents.
... V-Tail, PMix switches, REV- Servo Reversing, refine D/R items 7 & 8 page 33 and more
.... Eclipse 7 Pro - SWITCH SELECT (S/W.SEL) - refer attachment below

On Transmitter screen is exclusive to the 7 Pro for Eclipse 7 display use HTS-IView:
. Eclipse 7 pro - Telemetry Display - Youtube Video
. HTS-Voice Voice Announcing System.
E7 Pro only requires an additional 3" (or 6") extension lead so as to attach unit to Tx handle. (not included).
. AFHSS, HPP-22 Interface & Firmware version details.

Transceiver & Receiver ID_Setup & Installation plus Telemetry :
. refer to: Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky below.

26 Sept12:
. HPP-22 & Firmware Upgrade available:

Eclipse 7 Pro 2.4Ghz V1.03(0) Firmware Upgrade
- added Upgrade Mode and HPP-22 Mode
- Added HTS-S Advance Display
- Model Data can save to PC and bring the Data from PC
(Eclipse .set files are not recognised by an Aurora 9)
- Improved latency

Eclipse 7 Pro - Firmware Update or Model Data Transfer
Follow the attached photo and Eclipse 7 Pro - Firmware Update
More under screenshots
NB: When setting up model names be aware that as under Hitec HPP-22 FAQ :
"Ensure none of the following have been used in the Model Name: \ / : * ? " < > |
This because Windows does not recognise those characters for file names and file will not transfer to your PC. "

. Eclipe 7 Pro Firmware Update & Transfer Model data PC<>Eclipse 7 Pro. (PDF by a user)

Battery - Hitec RCD Eclipse 7 & Eclipse 7 Pro :

Eclipse 7: (8cell Nicd/NiMH nominal 9.6v)
. Transmitter - Replacement Battery Packs NiMH, NiCD & Lipo

NB: Do Not ever use a Lipo in an Eclipse 7 without a regulator or diodes as shown in the schematic.
Eclipse 7 - How to Prevent or in need Repair Reversed Polarity.

Low Battery Alarm:
. Eclipse 7 = LBW is fixed to beep when voltage falls below 9.3v for NiCD/NiMH as supplied.
- to low if using Lipo and with regulator/diodes, voltage reading will be incorrect.

Eclipse 7 Pro: (6 cell NiCD/NiMH nominal 7.2v)
. Hitec #54124 - same as Optic 6 Sport pictured below.

Low Battery Alarm:
. Eclipse 7 Pro LBW is fixed at 6.6v for NiMH - care if using 2S Lipo,
land without delay as very little time remains..

Lipo Batteries and Field / Fast Charging Hitec Aurora, Eclipse, Flash, Optic & Prism series Transmitters.
(Highly recommended to insert the pictured polarity sticker)

Hitec - Switch Part Numbers - Replace Broken Switches.

With regard to Modules, the Eclipse 7 can handle the various types available:
The Synthesised Spectra is as per manual attached.
The HP-MIM is crystal based and has a lower current draw, refer :
. Hitec - Spectra Synthesised PLL Module FAQ - 35Mhz < 72MHz
"Spectra Synthesized (PLL) Module - previous FAQ

Q. What is the Spectra module?
A. It is a PLL (Phase Lock Loop) module that can synthesize any legal channel on either 72 or 75MHz depending on the version.

Q. What radios will the spectra module fit in?
A. The 24472 (72MHZ version) will work with the Prism 7, Prism 7X and Eclipse 7 aircraft radios.
The 24475 (75MHz version) will work with the Lynx 3D and CRX pistol grip radio.

Q. I have seen people using the Spectra module in some Futaba™ radios, does this work and is it legal?
A. Hitec recommends the Spectra module only be used in Hitec radios but many are using it successfully in some Futaba products against our recommendation.
The FCC and AMA do not authorize its usage in anything other than Hitec radios.

Q. My Spectra module gets very warm when I use it, is that normal?
A. Yes, that is perfectly normal.
The Spectra Module draws more current than a standard module theredore it gets warmer and drains the transmitter battery quicker.

Q. Why is my transmitter still not working with my receiver after I have dialed my Spectra to the correct channel?
A. Make sure that you have the correct 1st and 2nd digit for the channel dialed into the Spectra correctly.
Also, in the case of the Eclipse, Optic 6 and Prism 7X, make sure that the transmitter is on the correct shift (negative or positive)
and the correct modulation (PPM or PCM)."

The AFHSS Spectra 2.4 Ghz is well documented:
AFHSS 2.4Ghz Module, Transceivers Receivers Telemetry, - FAQ, Setups & Tips
Hitec USA Support Forum Sticky:
. Hitec AFHSS 2.4GHz Spectra Modules, Optima Transceivers, Minima Receivers
& Telemetry
- FAQ & Undocumented Features includes:
. Antenna Orientation for best 2.4Ghz Reception - Transmitter Antenna & Receiver Antenna.
. Optima Transceiver & Minima Receiver - Installation RX & BODA Antenna FAQ,
...(includes Volts & Range Test Results. {Regularly Updated with Q&A})

(Telemetry tip: Use I-phone or Android and/or HTS-Navi wireless to Laptop as a telemetry screen.)

and much more relating to the Eclipse 7 and Eclipse 7 Pro under
"Radio Systems, Accessories, Alterations and FAQ." at:
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links (quick search = Ctrl+F)

Alan Tong.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links (quick search = Ctrl+F)

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Button bottom right of IE screen (or _+icons Firefox Toolbar) enables viewing size increase upto 400% for easier reading.]
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