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Originally Posted by t-turley View Post
When I bought a new laptop recently, I specifically ordered one with XP instead of W7, which I despise. I guess M$ must get their tribute by forcing PC users to move to a new OS every few years. XP support will end in 2014. Personally, I would have never left W2000 if support had continued for it.


Once you figure out all its quirks of W7 (and I have not but am getting close) it is actually quite good. I totally avoided the Vista scourge on the machines I use although my last laptop was eligible for a free upgrade. I never took advantage of that free offer. However, my daughter's laptop was inflicted with Vista. That said, I am actually liking W7 64 bit but I am running it on a laptop powered by Intel I7 with 6 GB RAM, 1TB hard drive and a Radeon HD 5650 graphics card with 1024MB of DDR3. I like Windows Live Essentials. The W7 email program is excellent. The new Windows 7 Moviemaker is easy to use. This machine came with IE8. Now that's a case of taking a step backward with the next generation of a program.

Now back to the HD Key Chain Camera.

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