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" yes, can be recording and the charge at the same time , the package is come with car charge, as the car charge is special for our HD camera. other car charge will useless。 actually, the car charge just like the power supply."

That sounds much like the charger for my JAZZ HDV178 camera... it will only charge if I use the wall wart cable that came with it, or a PC USB port. And that suggests to me the USB data lines are being utilized somehow during a charge, not just the +5V. So, just a guess at this point, but to use external power other than their car charger, you'll need to bypass the USB connection and go straight to the circuit board battery connections. This has been done successfully with the original 808key cam (details in the site). BUT, the old key cam used a small lipo charging circuit on the battery to bracket the voltage for the internal lipo, and the new HD key cam appears to have a small IC on the circuit board to do this. So, some experimentation will be needed to see what can and can't be done to power the camera from an external battery source.
Does that suggest that the only way to record from another source tan the battery is via the car charger? Or is there some way to operate the camera from the mains, perhaps a 5v usb charger with a regular->mini usb cable connected or one as linked in the post above? I've heard that some mp3 players also utilise the other strands to a usb cable when charging... maybe one of those would work.

If anyone can test the above it would be appreciated.

I'm probably going to buy a 32gb microsd card once I've got my camera and tested it, will report back if the 32gb card works or not.
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