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Originally Posted by HandEye View Post
Go to monitor and verify that the ailerons move in seperate directions AND that the gear moves in the same direction as the right aileron. If it does not then the flap will move in the wrong direction.
I mostly do helis, but I do have one plane to have fun with. I wanted to program a flaps function and I did just as HandEye said. My problem was when I moved my right stick right and left my ailerons both moved and up and down at the same time. It shouldn't be that way. One should move up, the other down. Also when I hit my flap switch to activate the flaps function, one aileron would move up while the other one moved down. Again, is shouldn't be like this.

To fix the problem you go to MIX 1 and put both rate values at -100%. This fixed my problem completely. Try this if you are experiencing the same thing that I did. Now when I move my right stick left and right the ailerons move as they should move - right stick makes right aileron move up, left aileron move down; flaps switch activated: both ailerons move down.

Thanks HandEye for your post. I was pulling my hair out for about 2 hours trying to figure it out. It never would've dawned on me to do it like this and the manual for the DX8 absolutely sucks! is selling a DX8 bible of sorts. I don't know how much it'll have to say about planes, but it's better than the manual. I'm hoping it covers every single feature on the DX8.
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