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Originally Posted by finster View Post
Well've mentioned about bricking a camera each time I post about removing time/date...I understand you talk to the vendor but its like this...If you dont try you dont know...I took the chance and it works...if someone dont know what they are doing or if they had the "first version" (dont try it) But how do you know unless you try it? I dont see any indentifing marks inside to say which cam you have...does the remove date/time files you posted at begining of thread work for all cameras? how did you remove time/date from your camera?
You're right... you don't know until you try. I just don't want to convey that this works with ALL the HD cameras sold so far, because we know for a fact at least one has been bricked by trying it. And I posted previously that the vendors could only tell me as of the date I posted, the cameras being delivered as of that post date were guaranteed to work with the conversion program. I believe what they said... some earlier sold ones will brick trying it, and they don't even know at what point the ones with earlier firmware in them were no longer being sold.

So I think we should leave it at this. If someone bought a camera prior to my post date and doesn't mind risking turning their $40 camera into a door stop, then by all means give it a go. You and others have shown that it MIGHT work, but not that it WILL work.

If that risk is too great and someone still wants to eliminate the date stamp from their videos, the alternative is to process during editing with either a "no logo" filter (which will produce visible artifacts), or crop off the date stamp. If the full 1280x720 frame size is still desired after cropping, output the file back to the original 16:9 1280x720 frame size if desired. The effect is only a 1.125X digital zoom, and to most viewers eyes, the quality loss will be unnoticeable. All that's lost is a bit of the original picture area.
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