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Originally Posted by Jaybee View Post
Tom, does not the 808HD take microSD-sized memory? The 32GB Transcend (Class 10) you linked to is a full-sized SD card. (nicely priced, though!)

Something like this should work: 32GB microSD microSDHC Memory Card (Class 4)

(Class 4, which is sufficient for this cam. The Class 6 and 10 microSD cost even more, 'specially in the microSD size.)

Very interesting. However, the battery of the cam is barely good for 40 minutes, sometimes preempting even a complete second 20-minute recording. My standard file size for 20 minutes had been a little over 1,550MB so at the limit of the battery, I never filled even a 4GB card.

Oh yes, when the cam has used up the 250mAH, it is quite warm to the touch.

So, does someone know now to adapt a USB battery box to run the cam longer? Or is there a magic solution to the 250mAH battery to make it last longer?

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