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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
There really isn't anything special about the process. If the card is in the camera with the firmware file on it, it will try to load it every time the camera is turned on. That's why the instruction to delete it after the first time you turn on the camera with it on the card.

Does the normal LED light come on as fast it in would normally do, or is there a slight delay when you turn on the camera with the file on the card? If no delay, the firmware is not loading into the camera and is being ignored. This could be a good thing!

I was told by those sources identified who are selling the cameras, that there was at least another earlier version that can not load the firmware. Who knows if there were more than one? Maybe the firmware files with the longer names only install on some earlier version, different from yours, and still different from what is being shipped today.

I guess you've tried the procedure more than once with the longer named files, and they don't work with your camera. And we know at least one camera was bricked with this process using the shorter named files. Is yours one of the ones that will work with those, or one that will brick? There is no way to tell other than by trial and (potentially $40) error.
I just tried the whole process again. When I get to step to delete the file the only file is FW96630A NO TIME.bin file. There is NO FWD96630A.bin file.

There is no delay when turning it on again so the camera is ignoring the no time bin file.

Mine was ordered on December 19th from electo...

I used to real manufacturing where you have batch and lot control. I am picturing a tub of these cameras somewhere in China and versions are mixed into the tub and sent out as orders come in. I picture something like this is where we get our cameras:
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