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Originally Posted by lostheli View Post
The way I understand it, that is the file you are to delete, otherwise it reloads the file every time.

instructions emailed to me from eletoponline365:
The manuel:

1. Please trun on the camera, then connect the camera to a computer with a USB cable and put the bin file to Micro SD card, root directory. ( attention: please do not change the name of the file).
2. Please pull out the camera from the USB cable. Waitting for the camrea Automatically turn off.
3. Please press the “turn on” bottom, waitting for the camera turn on again, then the update is completed.
4. After you update, please delete the firmware from your camera. So that prevent the camera update again and again when you turn on.

please try it , hope you like it, and waitting for your reply.
I just received my camera and will attempt the timestamp removal after it is done charging and a quick operational test.
That is some pretty scarey Chinglish. What does he mean by requiring to "delete the firmware."?
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