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Originally Posted by Prof100 View Post

I went to your website and downloaded the bin files and readme directions. I printed out the readme and followed them. I was looking for FW96630A.bin file to delete it. The only file is the no time bin. The camera still has the date stamp. It didn't brick. I just don't know what you mean by deleting that file. The only bin file is the one you provided.

I looked at the files you mentioned, and they have been renamed! The files sent to me by both of the sources I list in post #2 were named exactly the same: FW96630A. But they are different files with different file lengths... one turns the date off (the smaller) and the other turns it on (the larger). So the instructions for use are correct, but only if the files are named with that same name. Once the firmware is flashed in, the file is left on the card, so you need to remove it. I checked the files you download from the other site and they are exactly the same as the ones I have, except they are renamed.

I'd be interested if the files came named that way from the vendor. I asked the vendors early on if I could add to the filename to identify the "on" and "off" files, and the vendor just said do not change the file names. So, that may be one reason it didn't work. Or maybe it did work, but you used the file for turning on the date, so it didn't change?

I just hope someone doesn't brick a camera in the process.

To the best of my knowledge, my post #12 has all the current information in it for date swapping. If there is more to add, I'll add it (like if the name change can be done without bricking a camera or preventing it from doing anything).

Just examining the firmware files with a hex editor, it appears that the "96630" in the binary file name MAY be the magic bullet in making it work, and the name can be extended to make easier ID of what the file does. But the vendors couldn't confirm if it works or might brick the camera in the process.
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