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Originally Posted by finster View Post
Eletoponline emailed the .bin files to me and also sent me the CD (which I havent recieved yet)...I compared it to toms files in hex editor and they are both the same...Its possible clx1 may have missed a step during install...As far as I know there are no other versions of this cam...I zipped the files along with readme.txt how I did it on my website...I ordered mine like the 15th-17th and recieved it 24th...
Well, it is entirely possible that I fudged something as the instructions were sketchy at best especially at that time.

Tom and I exchanged emails offline because we were concerned that information that had not been thoroughly clarified, verified and tested can easily cause damage to a whole lot of very eager buyers of this gem. I can tell you that before I did anything, the flashing instructions from China I received had to be edited, clarified and rewritten several times back and forth mostly because of English usage and even then, it changed 3 times afterwards.

So I feel a little like a kid playing with a $40 toy that can break and I did not cry when I broke it. The seller was very gracious about their support with files and a replacement for my bricked cam so it was all in the spirit of fun. They mentioned to me that there were earlier versions of the camera but did not say how to tell them apart - just if you bricked it, it must be the earlier version.

And Tom did a great job starting this thread and trying to moderate and modulate potentially harmful information. I hope very soon, we will all be able to switch back and forth with a "Y" or "N" at the end of the date text and maintain the KISS tradition.

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