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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
This is very on topic for what I eventually want to cover in Post #3. I just need more time to compile the goods!

Are you wanting to repackage into .AVI format, or just clip out portions, or what? If the latter, just clip first then do direct copy to retain original file structure (duh!). For adding ANY filter action, you MUST re-encode. A direct copy into an .AVI file container does not bring over the video portion properly, so to put in .AVI format so Vdub can import it, it must be re-encoded. Use MPEG-4 AVC video codec (a.k.a. H.264). Normal .AVI output can then re-mux the stream properly. The native bit rate of this HD camera is about 7000 kbps, which is quite high for such a camera. But you'd want the final output to be similar to keep the same quality. I've done some trials, but haven't come to any conclusion on which is the best settings to get this. I find the "average bit rate - two pass" method, set for 7000 kbps the easiest way to get there, and probably as good of results as a single pass encoding method. It takes a bit longer with two passes, but the first pass is pretty quick. You can also put it into a different final container, like MP4, this way as well, and it's better suited for this codec and can still be played in the WMP and WMC, and WLMM on my W7 PC.

Does this answer your question?

Well, you sort of answered it. The container does not matter to me, but the quality does, simply because the players I have can play AVI or MP4 or MOV. The most important is to find the best remux parameters after chopping or filtering the MOV import. So I will have some patience and await your I am currently a little indiposed.

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