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I use a JR XP9303 equipped with a DraginLink. I fly a Skywalker with a FY-20A stabilizer.

1 FS chns
Max cruise speed - 30
Cruise altitude - 500
Altitude Error - 25
Pitch Proportional Gain - 70
Pitch Deriviative Gain -50
Turn Proportional Limit - 50
Turn Proportional Gain - 55
Turn Integral Gain - 55
Turn Deriviative Gain - 50

I use rudder for RTH not ailerons.

FY-20A settings all about midway +/- 10 degrees

During the Safety Wizard I use full rudder throw to the left plus 1/2 up elevator when asked to give it left stick. Of course your settings can vary depending on how much throw you're using on your rudder along with your control geometery.

RTH with a FY-20A and a Skywalker work very well and you shouldn't have too much of a problem setting it up.

Climb to your cruise altitude (mine is set at 500 feet) and hit your switch or your throttle trim and see what the plane does. If it comes back and circles overhead while maintaining altitude then try several different headings especially with the blowing to confirm your settings.

It really is too bad anybody looses their airplane with a loss of video or R/C signal with a ET OSD Pro. It only takes a few minutes to set it up and run the Safety Wizard. Then a short flying session to test it out.

Be sure to have the FY-20A into the stabilizer mode when you go into Failsafe! This is easily tested on the bench.
Crist Rigotti is online now Find More Posts by Crist Rigotti
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