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Originally Posted by yabbadaba2 View Post
I haven't tried anything other then just plugging it into my 12v power outlet on my pick-up and videoing my drive home from the soccer fields (yawn) but it "seems" to only allow you to video, not charge. I'm probably wrong about this but I could not get the red charging light to come on when hooked up to the cigarette lighter adapter that was included.

It may be charging at the same time as it is taking video, I dunno. I just know that when I would plug it in there would be no light (vs computer usb = red light) and when I held the button it would only go to yellow (computer usb, plug in = red light, press button = red light changes to yellow)

I thought it was advertised as a charger/power adapter. Makes me wonder if my adapter might be defective. It;ll be interesting to hear others experiences with the adapter.

That's interesting. If it can't charge via the car plug, that would be a big surprise. Is it possible the battery was fully charged when you tried this, and since the red LED goes out on this camera when it is fully charged, then it never came on since no charge was needed?

Some more testing is needed by running down the battery a bit, plugging into the PC USB port to see if the red LED comes on, then move to the car charge plug and see if the red LED comes back on. I'd hope it would so you can recharge at the field if needed. Assuming it does, turn the camera on while the red LED is on and start recording to see what the LEDs do.

Wish I had my camera so I could try this myself... I'm really curious now.
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