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Originally Posted by empeabee View Post
Computer USB ports Deliver 5v at (1000mA (1A) MAX - some portables fused at 1/2A (500mA))most unpowered external hubs only provide 500mA. So you would have to buy one of those cheap car lighter socket -> USB power adapter - they should work fine from 3S lipo, but don't plugs 3Slipo into camera direct through its USB port - you stand a very good chance of letting the smoke out of both camera and lipo.
Hummm re-reading I need to clarify my bit.
1). A car 12v outlet plug with USB socket on it will have a 5v (probably 1A) V regulator in it. (well 99% chance - there are always GotChya's waiting to humble X-spurts like me).
2). Do Not connect 3s Lipo directly to the USB input of the camera.
Yes, understood. The camera is supposed to come with it's own car charger cable. Since I don't have mine yet, I was not able to measure the voltage on the pins, nor to check if a different cable will work.

I found with my JAZZ HDV178 camera that it will NOT work with any generic wall wart USB charge cord. It will ONLY work with the one that came with the camera, which suggests it must be communicating with the camera via the normally unsed data signal lines in the USB plug on the dedicated charger. I thought something like this could possibly be the case with this camera and worth checking out.

If they put the voltage regulator chip in the camera off the USB plug instead in the car charge cord, it could still function on 5V or 12V input. If I had the cord to check the pin voltage, this would become more clear. I certainly would not apply 12V to the camera without more investigation of what the car charge cord is doing.
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